Opto XFP transmitter OT XFP 04

  • DOCSIS 3.1 compatible with operating bandwidth up to 1218 MHz
  • Mechanical dimensions compliant with 10 Gigabit Small Form Factor (XFP) host-system
  • Externally modulated, no dispersion compensation required
  • Transmission of up to 79 analogue plus 75 QAM channels
  • Link distance of up to 35 km without optical amplification
  • Transmitter version with +7 dBm and +4 dBm Optical Output Power
  • LC/APC optical connection
  • Power consumption < 3.5W
  • Built- in digital diagnostic functions
  • Compliant with SCTE 195 2013
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Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) cable access networks
Transmission of broadcast services
RFoG technology

Delta`s XFP Transmitter is a hot-pluggable optical module that is compliant with SCTE interface specifiations.
The external modulated XFP transmitter is in a very small package. It can be fully loaded with 79 analogue AM-VSB channels plus 75 Digital QAM channels. The small XFP module signifiantly increases the density and reduces power consumption for downstream transmitter which can be integrated into today`s Hybrid-Fiber Coaxial (HFC) optical platforms and tomorrow`s broadband infrastructure equipment.

The OT XFP 1550 04 and OT XFP 1550 07 transmitter modules can complement or replace today`s legacy 1310 nm and 1550 nm broadcast transmitters. Since the wavelength is at 1.55 µm, the optical signal can be multiplexed with a legacy 1.31 µm optical signal to cost-effectively double the capacity of the fier to the nodes. Due to lower fier loss at 1.55 µm, the 7 dBm transmitter can transport signals to a node over fier up to 35 km regardless of optical dispersion thanks to the modern integrated external modulation technology. Even further distances can be bridged with an additional standard optical amplifir EDFA.

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